33m Nira Yacht

The boat, having 33.5m full length, was constructed as RINA class. . The construction of boat began in January 2005 as wood and was completed in May 2009, as a result of a 16-month working. The boat, for which 2x 1800HP main engines are used, can rise up to 26 knot speed thanks to its sliding form.
On the side of board remaining under water, 2 layers of cross coating and on the board side, 3 layers of cross coating were used. The posts of board were constructed as cutting.
 There are 4 guest cabins and 1 master cabin at the boat. Two cabins at the fore and stern direction of boat are almost in the same volumes.
In the fly bridge area, there is a wide sitting area and Jacuzzi. The board side glasses of board are attractive in terms of their form.
The boat was delivered to her owner in March month of 2007 year.